When looking to save time and energy, stamps are the prefect tool! Why write the same information over and over again when you can stamp it? With the use of high-quality Ultimark pre-inked stamps, you get the ease of a stamp with the communication of written word. Every stamp offers a clean and clear impression of vivid detail to avoid any miscommunication or missed information. With the use of Ultimark pre-inked stamps, enjoy over 10,000 impressions with these reliable, long-lasting tools. They are easy to use with a simple push and release mechanism and feature the hallmarks of exceptional quality of construction expected from this brand. They are great for loyalty stamps, business and personal address labels, special  messages, instructions, inspection notes, and more.


  • Ink built into the dye
  • No separate ink pad needed
  • Re-ink with Ultimark ink
  • Top quality stamp impression every time
  • Black ink colours
  • Good for thousands of impressions
  • Customise with text, logo or  artwork at no additional charge

We offer an array of Ultimark pre-inked stamps to meet your specific needs and applications. These stamps are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including rectangle, square, and oval, to ensure you get the perfect solution for all your projects. With these Ultimark pre-inked stamps, every impression is clean and vivid for a legible way to communicate essential information. The design creates a smooth, quiet operation while the handle offers a sturdy grip for ease of use. Best of all, the handle displays the engravings of the stamp so there is no confusion when choosing the stamp among others on your desk. We offer customised text and/or artwork at no additional charge for a personalised rubber stamp to fit your needs.

At Speedy Rubber Stamps, we are committed to supplying our valued customers with the best names in the industry. We have spent decades creating custom stamps using the latest in engraving techniques and we would be happy to create a stamp for you today! Call or order via email today to save time and energy with a personalised rubber stamp!