Fundraising and Promotional Merchandise gifts

Fundraising and Promotional Merchandise gifts

Fundraising and Promotional Merchandise gifts are items, which are often branded with a logo and used in marketing campaigns. Promotional merchandise is given away to promote a company, event or raise brand awareness.

Using Promotional Merchandise to promote your brand

Many businesses have reduced their marketing budgets. They are now using promotional products to maintain brand awareness without breaking their budget. From pens, mugs, hats, mouse mat, t-shirts or any other product that can have a logo printed on it.

Research suggests that promotional products:

  • Are effective as a standalone or separate marketing tool
  •  Improve a consumer’s interest in and impression of a brand
  • Motivate consumers to make a purchase
  • Complement a company’s other marketing strategies and advertising campaigns
  • Offer the consumer valuable information about the company or product
  • Help increase customer loyalty
  • Improve product recall

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the promotional items you will use in your advertising campaigns:

1. What is the goal (or goals) of your campaign. Brand recognition? Acquiring new customers? Improve existing customer relationships?

2. Plan ahead. It will take a few weeks to have customized promotional products created, so make sure you get your ducks in a row well before you want to start getting you items out to the public. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

3. Get creative when it comes to the distribution of your products, as this will make it memorable for the recipients and increase the impact of the campaign.

4. Choose products that lots of people will see. You don’t want your promotional items to be hidden away—you want them to be displayed, passed around and shared. Paperweights and refrigerator magnets are two examples of items that remain in site and get seen by others.

By following these common sense principles—and maybe thinking outside of the box a little, you can make a small marketing budget go a long way with promotional products.

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