Band Stamps

Band Stamps

When the need arises for stamping special information, figures, symbols or words not available on stock bands, special band stamps are the ideal solution.

Special bands can be made in any size and contain rows of changeable letters, numbers or dates which can be placed on one line or in tiers, whichever you require.

Numbers can be replaced by A-M or N-Z bands. These can be surrounded by text plates of any size to carry fixed information, such as headings, with or without an outer border.


Just sketch and scan us a design with any critical dimensions and we’ll happily send you a quotation.


  • Character sizes from 3mm to 18mm
  • 1 to 4 tiers. Minimum space between tiers 10mm
  • With or without die plate and rubber die
  • All stamps are manufactured entirely to suit customer’s specification
  • Any combination of letters, figures, symbols or words can be produced with or without die plate and fixed text